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appetite4deduction said,         
November 20 2008

Dealing with religious people is arguably harder than dealing with your own religion yourself. I’ve found a lot of people are devoutly religious, but they don’t turn into mentally unbalanced zombies under any circumstances–they do onto others as they do unto you. Who would have guessed?

There’s only one type of person I find very difficult to get along with: the Calvinist. This is because they tend to perform an assessment of me, trying to figure out where I’m going, to heaven or hell, and then treat me with however much respect is deserved of a person destined for one location or the other. For such people, there is NEVER a day without religion.

The funny thing about predestination is that even if it’s true, what, exactly, causes certain folks, and not others, to be graced with the knowledge of a person’s ultimate destination? If you can’t know, why bother trying to find out and treat others with disrespect? You would think that even Calvinists would be humble enough to recognize that zealotry does not a moral person make.

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