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Troy Stark said,         
July 10 2009

Sarah, I just discovered your website! Very nice! It looks like I will have a lot of reading to do, you’ve been at this for quite some time.
Well, I just had to comment on “a regular mormon who happens to have three wives”. As you probably know, those of us who have been part of the main branch of the LDS church do not have multiple wives and, of course, we call(ed) ourselves the regular mormons.
But, even the slightly more mundane lives of “one wife” types are a bit odd. We can (could) straight-faced tell you of mormon doctrines or mormon history and seem to not even realize the mental gymnastics required to turn a blind eye to the contradictions and absurdities -but then some of have let our blinders slip, and now we are totally unacceptable creatures -atheists.
Now, from outside faith, the attacks on mormonism from other “christian” religions take on a whole new entertainment value -how can that catholic girl laugh about the mormon sacred underwear while holding a rosary? A good evangalist performs a faith healing on stage, but sincerely explains that a mormon priesthood blessing with positive results is absolute evidence of the devils power.
From the outside, it is hard to imagine how anyone can keep up the mental energy required to maintain faith. Of course, there is the mental savings of having all the answers already provided.
Your doing great work, I look forward to reading more of it.
P.S. If not a sports car, what do flirty guys drive on the east coast?

Sarah said,         
July 13 2009

Hi Troy,
Thanks for the kind thoughts.
Yes, I know that Joe and Jane average Mormon don’t have plural marriages (polygamy, as Gentiles would call it). Attacks on LDS from other Xians are interesting– I know that there are many sects of Xianity and they can argue quite a bit, but Mormonism seems to make itself a particularly good target. You bring up a very good point: is Mormonism “worse” than any other brand of Xianity?
Your Catholic example was in fact an episode on Big Love. For some reason, one of the wives wanted her kid to go to a Catholic school (which apparently took some doing)…then turned around and complained that it was Catholic and she didn’t understand how they could believe that stuff.
To me, there is nothing sexier than a a guy driving a Prius or some other fuel-efficient car. Detroit, are you listening?

Anthus Williams said,         
July 15 2009

Hey Sarah, I have recently discovered your site, and I really enjoy it. Posts like these are really weird for me when I read about them on atheist blogs, because the cult I grew up in, which seems so familiar to me, is so foreign and lacking details when I talk to other people.

Krakauer’s book was written about a wide swath of extremist Mormonism, but the faction he gave the most focus was the Warren Jeffs faction, the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. That’s where I grew up, and those people are insane. The fact that their prophet is a pedophile is the least of their worries.

I guess I could most accurately say I left in 2003, when I was thirteen. But it feels weird to say that, since I never really drank their Kool-Aid. As far back as I can remember, at least, I thought they were bringing batshit to a whole new level. My whole family was excommunicated (de facto) for a long time before that. I myself have been an atheist-by-any-other-name for most of my life (although I did have the whole teenage epiphany thing going for a year or so).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for writing on a subject like this. It’s a bit tough to be an ex-polygamist living in Utah, since mainstream Mormons hate you on account of atheism AND on account of polygamy. Add to that, we pretty much haven’t got any good spokespeople, except a lady named Flora Jessop, who is as dumb as a Neolithic fire extinguisher. So I really appreciate it when people write about stuff like this. It lets people like me know the world isn’t completely deaf to the struggles we faced.

Sarah said,         
July 17 2009

Dear Anthus,
Do you mean Kool Aid in the metaphorical sense? I sure hope so, as in that you weren’t pressured to poison yourself in a mass suicide!
Thanks so much for contacting me. You are just the sort of person I am looking for right now– my holy grail, so to speak.
Can you tell me more details? Feel free to contact me privately if you prefer through the “submit your story” link, if you like.
“Neolithic fire extinguisher” LOL!

xtremelysasi said,         
July 18 2012

I was born and raised Mormon. At about 25 I left the church. I’m not sure what your looking for, but I do understand the guilt. I’m now 40 and still have a hard time telling the truth without feelings of immense guilt. I know the the Heavenly Father would NOT expect people to endure things the way the church expects them to for image. If you have any questions you are welcome to email me at xtremelysasi@yahoo.com… Or and coffee ROCKS!!!!!!!

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