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space said,         
October 5 2011

You could argue that guys spending their money on electronics are equally shallow. “But electronics do things!” they might argue. But that’s the problem: toys that do things are marketed to boys and men, and toys that just sit there looking pretty are marketed toward girls and women, and then girls and women are mocked for having “useless” toys or not being as tech savvy.

As for another thing considered a frivolous female pursuit – gossip and gossip magazines – I think sports serves the same purpose for boys and men who can’t get caught dead talking about “girl” stuff. I’ve known at least one man whose interest in sports seemed to be little more than for gossip (small talk) purposes. And I would argue that for any man that doesn’t actually *play* sports, interest in sports is no less frivolous than interest in celebrities and gossip.

Sarah said,         
October 7 2011

Hi Space, a good point in that men stereotypically don’t have “deep” interests either– watching sports, for example. I guess it’s fair to say that both sexes love their toys, at least in the US. I myself have never understood the appeal of celebrity gossip and resent that such a fluffy thing is mostly for the ladies. It’s interesting that men sometimes talk about sports as “gossip.” Good to know!

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