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Brian Cunningham said,         
September 3 2009

Very well said Sarah! It’s sad that in a ‘free’ country ( free as long as you agree with the established religion and ‘culture’) , you have to hide your true beliefs or be at the risk of being given The Scarlet ‘A!’

Sarah said,         
September 8 2009

Thanks, Brian.
How can America be so wonderful and so awful all at once?
Remember, people– exercise your freedom, or it’ll go away.

Steve said,         
September 23 2009

I live in Georgia, where it seems that there’s a church on every block. When a lady repeated the old “Hitler was an atheist” lie, I pointed out that Hitler was raised Catholic. She replied “That’s worse!”

Sarah said,         
September 24 2009

I think that’s funny. I wonder if that lady was joking?

Nancy said,         
September 29 2009

What you are seeing in the bible belt is a cult type brainwashing. There is a strong pull for the members to not wander off on their own and the way they keep other ideas out of the cult is to create a prejudice against any and all people who don’t adhere to their teachings.

I’ve seen people disowned and thrown out of their home by their families so the desire to conform is very strong. They have been told all their lives that they are, essentially, pond scum (sinners) they have low self esteem and can easily bully others to raise their own self worth.

So, in this case, you are the mentally healthy one you are being who you really are and that is healthy.

Sarah said,         
September 30 2009

Hi Nancy,
I’ve heard it before and I think there is a lot of truth in it: “Religions are just cults with more members.”
Extremist Mormons– and, I expect, other extremists, too– do not allow their members access to media other than theirs. No TV or internet, for example– just newspapers and other media relating to the religion. As illustrated on Big Love, the members are completely sheltered from and ignorant of the outside world.
The reason why I’m proud to be an atheist, and think every atheist should be proud, is that the people who refused to conform did so because they were mentally healthy enough to stand up to an unfair (and even dangerous) system.

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