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breakerslion said,         
May 17 2009

Still my favorite:


The cornucopia of crap is deeply disturbing. It’s also one reason that religion is difficult to combat, and wy religion is sold so unceasingly. It’s a gravy train for these folks!

Question: is Satan a nerd because nerds are smart and science oriented, and religious types have been glorifying ignorance of late?

Sarah said,         
May 17 2009

The lightswitch plate is a beaut. It’s an interesting dimension how creepy some of these products are!
Now that I’ve started looking for Christian Kitsch, I can’t stop. I just saw a glow-in-the-dark holy water bottle on eBay.
Breakerslion, are you saying that it’s hard to combat religion bc of these products? Can you say more about that?
Now that you mention it, yes, maybe that is the logic behind “Satan is a nerd.” Nerds like science, evolution is satanic…I think you’re onto something.

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