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Andy Armitage said,         
June 20 2009

Sometimes we look askance at religion in the States. Seen from over this side of the Pond, in dear old Blighty, it looks surreal. “It could only happen in America,” we sometimes say, looking towards some of your atheist organisations for a breath of fresh air. But we get some pretty barmy things happening here, too, which I blog about often on a blog called Pink Triangle. We had a story about a stricly Jewish couple who won’t leave their flat on the sabbath, because doing so switches the motion-sensitive lights on, and they’re not allowed to switch on lights between sundown on Friday and sundown on Saturday. Weird, or what?

Sarah said,         
June 20 2009

Hi Andy,
Where is Blighty? I’m guessing you’re in the U.K. I read recently about a case of a Jewish Orthodox family suing someone over the motion-detector lights. They were suing the people responsible on grounds of religious freedom. I know people who observe Sabbath, but none of them, to my knowledge, have had that problem.

Andy Armitage said,         
June 21 2009

Hi, Sarah

Yes, Blighty is just an affectionate term for Britain. I thought the Jewish couple story was hilarious. Have a look at http://ptt-blog.blogspot.com/2009/06/and-there-was-light.html, where I blogged it, and suggested a rather novel way of getting around the problem – with tongue firmly in cheek, it has to be said.

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