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Gustavo Elias said,         
January 3 2009

This is exactly what I go through down here in Rio/Brazil.

Over the past 20 years or so, there we have seen an enormous growth in pentecostal protestantism (we used to be knows as the biggest Catholic country in the world). Being a Catholic down here, in modern times, normally meant that not only you did not go to church but you also didn’t really care about what other people practiced or believed. In fact, many Catholics were also assiduous goers of Afro-Brazilian cults called Umbanda and Candomble (similar to what you would call Santeria, in Central and North America).

Many (or should I say ‘most’) of the Umbanda Priests are now Christian converts and frequently go on television preaching about how Jesus changed their lives, how they found out that they were in fact worshipping the Devil (not forgetting of course of a random mention of a bank account you can donate 10% of your monthly income to).

With so many new converts around, it seems that everywhere you go there is someone trying to convince you that no matter what path you’re in – you’re wrong. And that there is only one way to live your life, i.e., accept Jesus and live happily ever after.

Sometimes I ask myself “Am I really in the 21st Century?”

There is still hope, though (or so I say to myself every morning). Thank science we’re not the only the only thinkers around.

Sarah said,         
February 12 2009

Hi Gustavo,
Sorry I hadn’t gotten back to you in so long! Hello down in Rio. Based on the media, I always thought that Argentina was a secular (and sexy!) nation. According to the Simpsons, you have scantily clad women teaching kids the alphabet. What gives with that discrepancy?!
Do you know any atheists/agnostics where you live?

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