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krissthesexyatheist said,         
September 13 2011

Awh buddy, you are half correct. ‘We’ are stupid, but ‘we’ are also very smart (simult). Any who, some peeps are saying that 9/11 is the birth of the Mighty New Atheists. If anything ‘good’ has come from this horrible horrible dookie-ness, it is that The New Atheists (that’s us, buddy) have evolved the conversation. At one time religion was exempt form criticism, now ‘they’ are fair game (thanks Four horsemen). Religion is in the news all the time in every major newspaper all across the country and TNA’s appear in the comments sections tearing it up for every article that is published.

Awesome buddy. I haven’t heard of that essay by that Spanish Journalist soz I’ll check it out. Keep up the good work, buddy,


Sarah said,         
September 14 2011

Hi Sexy Kris,
Thanks for your thoughts:) I agree that there has been a silver lining to the cloud: a backlash against religion.

Dennis Hodgson said,         
October 5 2011

I found your “All European Life Died in Auschwitz” link to be both racist and offensive. Are you going to blame me for the slave trade next? I think that what happened at Auschwitz, and at Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor and Belzec, was one of the lowest points in the history of humanity, but I wasn’t even born, so I accept no responsibility. And what is the relevance to atheism? 9/11 wasn’t a religious issue; it was a terrorist issue. Religion was merely the excuse.

Fortunately, I was already an atheist before visiting your site, because I don’t think you’d have persuaded me. I like to think that my essay Knowledge or Certainty would be more persuasive, although as you probably already realize, you can’t reason with a theologue.

Sarah said,         
October 7 2011

@Dennis, what does this have to do with race? If you don’t know what “racism” means, you shouldn’t hurl the accusation at me.
There is no “real” relevance to atheism. The article helped cement for me that Islam itself is a problem, a stance shared by the most prominent atheists today.

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