2 users responded " It’s not persecution if it’s against Devil Worshippers "

"It’s not persecution if it’s against Devil Worshippers" was posted by and 2 users commented
Chris Allen said,         
January 28 2010

It’s a common, and flawed, assumption by religious zealots that unbelievers cannot or will not ever fight back. If people took half the time they would have spent praying to understand why those who disagree with them feel the way they do, I’m sure a lot of these absurdly harsh reactions would be tempered.

Also, that $300 figure identifies a common pitfall in religious institutions. Many of them demand a W-2 before letting you join, so that your continued contributions to the church or mosque will be guaranteed for all time. What does that say about the morality of the persecutors?

Clifford said,         
January 29 2010

To fear physical violence from your own family because you don’t believe in the pet deity is an egregious display of religion’s inhumanity.

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