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Diego, El Mapache said,         
November 8 2009

I find the abuse by catholic priest more punishable than the abuse done by any other person. Priests (and religious figures in general) present themselves as moral pilars, which make people trust them, just because they wear special (often ridiculous) clothes and say to represent god. And this becomes even more outrageous when the catholic church as institution covers the abuse.

Good work with the blog.

Sarah said,         
November 9 2009

Thanks, Diego.
Another point is that a priest is a figure kids are told to trust, unlike, for example, parents or teachers. At least it looks as if that is the case.

James Dean said,         
February 8 2010

Similar things go on with the major evangelizers who are also sociopaths or perhaps just histrionics. There was a woman I suspected would seduce and use the younger men and fill their heads with all kinds of mixed messages -she would also lead prayer in front of the congregation at the end of services. (She certainly did this to me, if not others.) It wouldn’t surprise me, if she inspired a suicide at one time in her life.

Although, thankfully these sorts of things are rare, seeing that they occur makes one’s stomach turn at the cover religion can offer to wolf-sheeple. (There should be a word for such a person, but I don’t know that there is: “Deranged lunatic” seems a bit mild.)

Sarah said,         
February 9 2010

Hi James, (I am tempted to address you as Jimbo, since that’s such a cool nickname)
Evangelists must abuse kids, too, although one hears about it less since these people don’t take a vow of celibacy and are free to have sex in more standard (legal) ways. Is it that the Protestants abuse kids less percentage-wise, or does the vow of celibacy in Catholicism make these crimes seem worse, even if the percentages are the same? Is there any way to know, for that matter?
I’ve heard of cults using women as prostitutes to get more members. It’s called “flirty fishing.” Charming way to use women…
That’s different from what you’re talking about, though. Are you saying this woman tried to have sex with you, and if so, for religious motives? How would she have inspired suicide?
I certainly hope these things are rare.

James Dean said,         
February 11 2010

Jimbo, eh, no thanks. haha -But I was Jimmy this last weekend (my old high school nickname) when I saw two gals I went to high school with that graduated the year before me.
My thoughts are that there are more of the kinds of psychological undermining and psychological abusing than physical, but maybe that’s the old me [‘the church [or its constituents] are the bride of Jesus’ crap]: The old me might be like one of those women from an abused relationship where she says the man didn’t really mean to hurt her. eehhhhh!! [that’s the sound of me being disgusted]
Percentages, I don’t know.
-Purely anecdotal, but I was communicating with another old classmate from high school, now a Catholic priest. He was studying/working on the apologetics of marriage for priests. -I posted to him after he seemed to make some headway on that issue, “Way to find a way!” [He said he planned on getting married in the future, etc.] I was thereafter banned from his web page. [No other reason I could even think of, and usually I remember a lot and have an active imagination. *shrug*] -Who can say what lurks beneath?
To give you the short version of how I thought she would inspire suicide: head-games combined with frequent/manic sex in [my case both] an extended romantic involvement -while I suspect she was cheating on me towards the end.
Needless to say, I got out of that and things got better in my life -she was also repeatedly molested by her father as she was growing up. Who can say what all contributed? Her motives, I doubt, stemmed from much other than romanticized, if ‘spiritualized’ coincidences ‘that brought us together.’ [Back then, I had prayed and thought I had my prayer answered in an evangelist just like her. This, I shared with her.] Her father, who molested her for two years, was an active and upstanding member of church and community -some total package: He got better as for how he treated her, but never apologized or admitted how thoroughly wrong he had been to her. [I know they don’t make a Hallmark card for this kind of thing, but some verbal admission sounds the least he could do to offer her a healing opportunity.] She doesn’t live with him and yet they still spend time together and not against her wishes, either. -Yeah!!
I don’t look back on my involvement with her, whenever I can help it. Putting this down here seems healing, though.
I’m currently dating a wonderful, decidedly non-theist, decidedly non-deist woman with a wonderful spiritual side. She complements my ultra rational way of being. *Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction* -Bad Religion

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