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Clifford said,         
February 5 2010

Religion sure likes to get its meathooks in the young doesn’t it?

Joshua Allen said,         
February 6 2010

Say, I like what you’re doing here, Sarah. It’s so funny how the Mormon’s in Utah think that they are the center of the universe, when so many people are like you have been; they view Mormonism as the obscure revivalist anomaly that it is, and most of what they know comes from TV shows and stories by non-Mo’s. And that’s really fair enough, to be honest. There is a lot of untrue crap out there about the Morg (this is the term we Ex-Mo’s use for the Mormon Organization, and the allusion to the Star Trek “you will be assimilated” Borg race IS intended) but that stuff is usually perpetrated by rival Christian groups. Christians REALLY have a problem with the LDS church. But yeah, if anyone is curious about what Mormons really believe without spin or propaganda, they should check out one of the many, many ex-Mormon support forums that are out there (www.postmormon.org is a good one).

Oh, and thanks for linking to my blog!

Chris Allen said,         
February 8 2010

The “Mormon Musical” idea is a hoot. I’d love to see it!

I did read the former Mormon’s summary of his correspondence, if one is ever so polite to actually call it that. It is a strange world that some people live in where they don’t even feel a need to -acknowledge- the presence of an alternative viewpoint. Like alternative views don’t matter?

happyashellexmo said,         
February 10 2010

I myself am an exmormon. You can find tons of “leaving the church” stories at postmormon.org. This site is a support community for exmormons, because once you’re out of mormonism you’re pretty much shunned by the mormon community(which for most mormons is everyone they know)

Sarah said,         
February 10 2010

Good name:) Thanks for the site; I’ll be sure to check it out.
Isn’t it a good thing nowadays that being shunned isn’t the death sentence it would have been in the ancient Middle East? For FLDS, on the other hand, it might be similar… stupid desert.
@Joshua– thanks for the inspiring, funny, maddening, and very telling article. Center of the universe– well, that’s how many religions see themselves, but more so if you’ve scarcely met anyone outside of your religion. John Kraukauer pointed out that there are more Mormons int he world than Jews. Sounds obvious, but I’d never realized it before, and now I’m scared. I love the term “Morg,” as in “We are Morg.” Plus, it’s the place you see dead people. I’ll try to check out what is non-Morg BS about LDS. Aren’t Mormons Xians? Albeit “special” Xians?
@Chris- Almost by definition, religions don’t accept any other view point to be as good/truthful as their own. This isn’t to say that religious folks don’t live and let live– many of them are very cool, but most would prolly say something like, “If you want to be X, that’s great, by my religion, Y, is the right one, and that’s why I’m in it.” Otherwise they’d all be interchangeable.

krissthesexyatheist said,         
February 28 2010

Whats up Sarah, thanks for stopping by KTSA. I don’t have a blogroll, that I manage, I display mojoey’s atheist blogroll (http://mojoey.blogspot.com/2006/09/join-mojoeys-atheist-blogroll.html) Send him a message and he’ll put you on it, then you will be on thousands of blogs. BTW I spell Kriss with two “S’s”. You can also get on the Out Campaign’s blogroll. Good luck to you, check back latter. Out.

Kriss, with two S’s

James Harris said,         
January 17 2011

After reading this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to place this post together.

Karen said,         
October 16 2011


I really like your blog. You seem to have a very intelligent understanding of Mormonism and the ex-Mormons experience. I’m pretty impressed. As an ex-Mormon, I hear a lot of bad Mormon jokes, but hardly anyone from outside the culture takes time to understand what the ex-Mormon experience is really like.

Keep up the good work. It was fun meeting you on Friday.


Sarah said,         
October 17 2011

Dear Karen,
Thanks, it was great meeting you. If you’d like to write more about your experiences, either here or by emailing me, I’d love to hear it.

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