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John Murray said,         
June 17 2010

Sarah, I have never given them much thought, honestly. But, I am going to look into it, when I can squeeze it in. Thanx. I gave you the web address to my blog too…….

Randy said,         
June 17 2010

Resistance against atheism mostly comes from fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims, who are the same types of people who would also be highly critical of the Nation of Islam. Atheists would have no need to criticize it. And, outside of the “no pork” and “white devil” talk, very few people understand the teachings and eschatology of the NOI anyway, so I don’t see how you would expect someone to bash it.

Sarah said,         
June 18 2010

@ Randy– I expect someone to bash the NOI because 1) it’s so ridiculous that it’s easy to make fun of and b) it’s counterproductive enough that it needs to be made fun of.
@ John- not sure what you mean. Did I forget something?

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