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Amir Nehari said,         
November 19 2008

Hi everyone!

I was walking in the street with a very nice Hassidic Rabbi, who – unlike many of his abnoxious colleagues – didn’t try to convert people, was nice to a gay guy and fairly humble.
And this is the point. He stepped on dog shit, and not me. I’m a complete atheist, who offends god at any given oppurtunity.
I need no further proof to the non-existence of god.

PirateJenny said,         
November 19 2008

Do agnostics have a place on this site? I don’t go so far as to call myself an atheist because I feel I can’t claim that there is NO god. I mean, really, how would I know? I’m just a working stiff here in Chicago, man. I believe there likely is a higher power, but I don’t need that higher power to have a face, a gender, hymns, churches, etc. I would hope that higher power could be appealed to for good (i.e., prayers).

I might be convinced God exists if I witnessed a miracle. Something that I absolutely, positively could not explain through any kind of science, logic, etc.

Hey Jen!
Agnostics– and anyone else for that matter– are welcome on the site. You’re right in that there is *no* way to be 100% certain, just as I can’t say with 100% certainty that there is no such thing as fairies, leprechauns, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.
As to a miracle, what would constitute a miracle? Lots of people would say that an everyday miracle, like a sunset or a baby being born, proves God.

John said,         
November 19 2008

Now how can Zeus/Thor/Ra/God/Allah/Isis/Nephthys etc. prove that he/she/it exists when he/she/it doesn’t exist to show whether or not he/she/it exists?

Erin said,         
November 19 2008

I consider myself agnostic more or less… I have no proof either way, but I choose to believe that there’s something there, if only to make myself feel better about dying someday. lol.

But, I don’t think anyone has all the right answers. That doesn’t mean they’re all wrong either, just mostly wrong… particularly where persecution is involved.

As for me, I think I would need a miracle like… umm… world peace… or maybe John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and/or Brian Jones rising from the dead like Christ. 🙂 Nothing small and paltry, oh no, I want cool miraculous shit.

And if Jim Morrison never really died, that doesn’t count. lol.

appetite4deduction said,         
November 20 2008

The interesting thing about “proving” that God exists is that the bar is set however high or low that a person wants. I recently finished Pulliam’s “His Dark Materials” series, which deals with the possibility that God as we know can actually “die.” And to make things more confusing, even the angels in the books consider the possibility that “maybe there is a REAL god,” but they don’t actually know with any certainty!

So, does that mean God’s existence is manifested as what we perceive to be a miracle? Only for the simple-minded. What about Exodus-caliber plagues? Yes, unless you research the history of that region and find there’s a logical explanation for all the plagues.

I’d only be satisfied by the one thing that appears to be very final: the ability to resurrect from the dead. Have somebody die, watch them decay for several months, and then have them get magically restored to perfect health, with no loss of memory or other lasting physiological damage. That, my friends, would be no magician’s trick.

Perhaps that’s why Christians use the resurrection of Jesus as a way to confirm their beliefs? Great…but the problem is, it only happened once! If such a thing happened every few decades, that’d quiet the skeptics!

joylene said,         
November 20 2008

Interesting site. I’m not an atheist, but I believe they have their place in life for a reason. Makes the rest of us question our existence, maybe? Makes us appreciate God a bit more. The tendency to take Him for granted is high. I know myself, the only time I think to call on Him is when times are tough.

Thanks for sharing.

admin said,         
November 20 2008

I’m diggin’ all the comments on the site. Keep ’em coming.

Will E. said,         
December 4 2008

Time travel. If an entity manifested itself physically to me, and said it was “god” I would ask to be whisked back to, I dunno, the early Cretaceous, or Lincoln’s assassination, or the Beatles performing in Hamburg–some place and event that had been documented.

Ah, who am I kidding? Nothing could convince me there is a god; that entity could just be some really powerful alien from the great beyond with a knack for producing hallucinations.

And oh yeah: “everyday miracle” is an oxymoron. Most things that people think are miracles–birth, sunsets, narrowly avoiding a car crash–are just part of the natural turn of events. In fact, I would say something like birth is the precise *opposite* of a miracle, in that it happens all the time, every day, every place, at every time, to everyone, ever since creatures began reproducing. That’s just something that really irks me. Babies are not miracles!

admin said,         
December 4 2008

Good answer, Will. I’d personally jump to the conclusion that I was hallucinating, maybe even just plain old, non-alien hallucinating, but maybe I’m just being cynical.
Everyone check out Will’s blog
Will, wanna be blog-link-swapping buddies?

Icelander said,         
December 5 2008

A repeatable experiment, something like this:

1. Put a rock, any rock, under a bell jar.
2. Pray a specific prayer
3. Have the rock levitate and burn the words “Jesus is Lord” or “Muhammad is the prophet” into itself, depending on which is the correct answer
4. Have this repeatable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

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