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Andy said,         
June 11 2009

It wasn’t just the wafer, there was also a sip of wine too, if I recall correctly. Honestly, at the time, it had to do with an upset digestive system. I missed a portion of the ceremony due to running back and forth from the bathroom in the basement of the church. The part I missed must have been about all the benefits since I didn’t stay Catholic, lol.

appetite4deduction said,         
June 12 2009

Now we’re dealing with barfing as a result of religion being screwed up? An honest-to-God (or maybe not) involuntary physiological reaction to all this force-fed garbage?

Increasingly, I think I need to act on the “7 levels of religion” video game idea where Sarah ascends through the temple, beating up a god of a different religion on each floor a la Kung Fu Master.

Why not spare a little contempt for religion when religions seem to have so much contempt for the likes of you and me? We need to “hit back” for a change!

Sarah said,         
June 14 2009

Hi Chris,
The video game sounds awesome and naturally I’m very flattered. Since I’m a writer, I’d like to write dialogue of me trash-talking the gods, much as Colbert did with Quetzacoatl (I loved that sketch).
On a more serious note, I do agree that there are times when we, as atheists, can and should hit back. Think about how things would be if we were discussing anything other than religion and remember that religion is *not* exempt from criticism.
Apparently, my Mom and Dad are.

Sarah said,         
June 14 2009

Oh, and this is the trash talk I’m talkin’ about:

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