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Andy said,         
July 17 2009

Richard Saunders of the Skeptic Zone Podcast recorded quite a bit of audio from TAM 7, and it is available here. Show #39 http://www.skepticzone.tv/

Sarah, I think you gave a really great performance. There were indeed a lot of great acts at the talent show. Apparently the YouTube video of Sean McCabe has been taken down by the submitter…I’ve been trying to locate it on Jerry Springer’s website.

Sarah said,         
July 19 2009

Thanks, Andy:)
Yeah, I looked for the Springer/Sean McCabe video and couldn’t find it… maybe Sean was too embarrassed and took it down? Oh, well. The important thing is that they showed it at TAM bc I brought it up. Heh, heh.

Richard Collins said,         
July 19 2009

you write:
we pretty much haven’t got any good spokespeople

You might know about Bob Mccue up in Calgary, but if not he is a very articulate and forceful voice for exMormons. He posts to exmormon.com.


Sarah said,         
July 23 2009

Hi Richard,
Do you mean I said we (atheists) don’t have any good spokespeople? I think we have many great ones! Do you mean ex-Mormons?
I’ll check out Bob McCue. Maybe he and I can chat.

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