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Bob said,         
May 14 2010

I don’t have an answer to your question, but while in the navy, I knew a sonar supervisor who would keep tapes of various ocean sounds (it seemed like an interesting hobby to me).

From when I stood watch in sonar, I don’t recall that I heard much of blue whales. The majority of stuff I heard on watch was from #13 and #5 tracks on the following link.


Chris said,         
May 15 2010

Here’s an answer to why whales are so big. All deep-sea creatures must be big to withstand the high pressures. When you have a ton of water resting on your back, it helps to weigh a few tons yourself.

As to why evolution would have brought an animal from sea to land and then BACK into the deep sea, who knows. It’s advantageous in many ways to have certain parts of the sea accessible only to a select group of animals, since the ocean is a crowded and dangerous place near the surface!

dmabus said,         
May 15 2010

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Sarah said,         
May 16 2010

Hi Chris,
It is interesting that we have animals that evolved from sea and land and back again. Make up your minds, guys! Get it right the first time!
I realize that all life ultimately came from the sea. It’s just interesting to look at whale evolution, which is pretty dramatic.
What you say about deep sea pressure is something that never occurred to me, but whales are the largest creatures there are. A few tons, heck. We’re talking dozens of tons. I think most deep sea animals are much, much smaller.
And if swimming keeps you fit, explain whales to me.
@ Bob- thanks for the link:)

Sarah said,         
May 16 2010

@Dmabus– hello, troll. I’m not sure what your comment has to do with whales, but go back under your cozy bridge and take a writing class.

Jugglin said,         
May 29 2010

@Chris – I’m not sure about size being required to withstand high pressures for deep sea creatures. I’m thinking here about the amazing tubeworms that live near the Black Smokers (and so are not part of our “normal” food chains with start with solar engery from photosynthesis. I think that as long as the internal and external pressures are the same there’s no problem. (However, bring up to the surface a creature from the deepest oceans would probably result in a messy explosion!)

@sarah. This is an interesting question, and one that I’ve not really thought about before. Could it be to do with thermal regulation? Heat loss is proportional to surface area, whilst a mammal produces body heat proportional to volume (and muscle mass, and cell types, and and….). Dunno really – but I can’t think of anything else except for all the normal things like greater protection from predators (and I’d like to see something trying to attack a blue whale (well, actually I wouldn’t you get the point!)), or some form of “Peacocks tail” type affair where for some reason size became attractive, and even though it costs more energy to become this way, this cost is outweighed by having more descendants.

I have only just found your blog BTW, so you may find odd Jugglin comments to ancient posts popping up. Good luck with the book – I hope you haven’t given it up entirely!

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