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Gerald Reynolds said,         
June 4 2009

As a reply I’ll tell my “story” if you don’t mind. Well, first I don’t really think I felt like I believed in god or saints or angels or even the devil. I always just assumed they were myths and faerie tales just like Mother Goose,brothers Grimm or Disney for that matter.
I went along in an accommodating way at first and then in 5th grade I got a yen and began to ask more questions about things like dinosaurs, and in the 50s and 60s one was just expected to accept things as they were presented. The question that got me into trouble with the nuns and freedom for me was this one. Jesus supposedly goes to a wedding and the host runs up to the “messiah” and say “WE have no more wine to marry this fine young couple blah blah, and supposedly this Jesus turned urns of water into urns of wine.
Well, I raised my hand and asked her, “If Jesus is the son of god wouldn’t he know about wine and that it’s alcohol and not good for you, wouldn’t he know that? Because my pop’s an alcoholic and he can’t drink any wine..So why would he give wine to alcoholics?
The next month I was in public school. They told my mom I was too precocious as if that were a bad thing……hahahahahaha
So, I really have to admit I’ve been an atheist the whole rest of my life. Even though my mom wanted me to have a “catholic education” unbeknown to me at the time, a ctholic education actually is a good education. I must admit that about the catholics,they know how top educate and when they do it here in America their religion doesn’t really insinuate itself into one’s education for some reason. As interesting as that is I was happy in public school and I didn’t have to ever skip morning mass again!!! Well, I never went,I always skipped so my happiness is dependent on the idea that I was supposed to and well, I don’t really think I got away with it.

Now, I’ve been hearing this unreasonable idea the fundies have come up with in order to try their hand at propaganda in a real world application by saying we atheist couldn’t possibly have morals or love because we don’t know god. NOT!!!

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I do have plenty of anecdotal quips too but we can go through those some other time…

Gerald Reynolds said,         
June 4 2009

Sorry, I posted in the wrong topic….

Sarah said,         
June 5 2009

That’s OK, Gerald, I still like you:) Do you want to post on this topic, too?
OK if I place your reply under my submissions page, just to put everything in one place?
Also, where did you mean to post?
Great story about the alcohol. I wonder what Mormons and Muslims think of that story…

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