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jonfisher said,         
September 29 2011

As creator of the page, First I would like to say thank you very much for taking your time to write this. I had been thinking about creating this page for about a year and finally went through with it in the beginning of September. I am a father of three and soon to be four. I work swing shift in a paper mill making 100% recycled paperboard. I never really felt like I didn’t fit in with the mainstream atheist crowd but I felt like the working class/ middle class voice needed to be heard. I have heard many of my atheist friends on facebook saying that certain groups and pages made them feel like they were not smart enough to participate in debates or conversations. I work very hard to support my family and like so many others out there I am struggling with this failing economy. I wanted to 1) give a place where all atheists were able to post and share anything they wanted and 2) give all a place to voice opinions on the workplace and employment issues and politics and the economy. I am humbled by the sucsess of the page so far having gone over 1100 likes in less than a month. I have gotten many a comment saying things like I am so glad to have found this page and thank you for creating it. I can not tell you how happy that makes me. Again thank you very much for your blog!
Jon Fisher

Sarah said,         
September 29 2011

Thanks for writing, Jon:) I infer that as a working class person, you felt left out of the atheist community (ivory tower such and such). It’s true that many people view working class (depending on how you define it) as not as smart, but that really depends. Great work on the page; I am glad you are getting so much interest.
What are your experiences as a working class atheist? What does “working class” mean to you? Does it mean “not a desk job”?

jonfisher said,         
September 29 2011

Since my very vocal coming out as an atheist, I have had mixed reaction in my workplace. Some people stopped talking to me all together and some people think I’ve gone crazy. A few actually stand by me as if nothing has changed. I’ve lost many a friend on facebook and deleted a few myself but none of that really matters to me. Working class to me means anyone who works hard or long hours at any job. Desk job or not. I feel that it was the working class that built America and I feel now like we have been forgotten.

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