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Troy said,         
October 8 2009

Thanks for posting David Arnolds post on Dawkins’ site. Mr. Arnold has a very real concern about the future life of his children.

Life in the cult consists of constant indoctrination to the point that you don’t even question a silly statement like “Your father has been influenced by the Devil so you need to be careful about anything he tells you.” People who “fall away” are considered “apostates” and associating with them is considered dangerous in a sense.

I have been fortunate in that my wife thus far has decided that she married me for who I am and not for the great church leader people expected me to become. But I can’t help thinking that there is still the sense of loss for her, possibly believing she has been robbed of the faithful man she married and eternal life with him now that he is quite certain this life is all he has to give her. And then there is the thought that she might have made a big mistake to stay with me since the children have been rather strongly influenced -they even laugh when someone asks “-Your father’s an atheist! Is he a sad bitter man?”

Sarah said,         
October 12 2009

I am still amazed and humbled by the people who, despite indoctrination, manage somehow to stand up and realize that this is wrong and they want to leave. And do. How does this happen?
In a sense, you did “bait and switch” your wife (don’t take that the wrong way).
I’m reminded of the Simpsons ep when Homer decided to stop going to church– not due to atheism, but due to starting his own religion, based on hedonism and laziness (sounds fun to me!). Marge told him that she had a responsibility to raise their children right, and if he didn’t change, she would have to tell them their father was, “well, wicked.” A half-assed, reluctant theist is a step up for her husband, apparently.

Good Reason News said,         
October 23 2009

Congratulations on keeping it up for a year, Sarah. Thanks for all the insight and for the link.

Sarah said,         
October 26 2009

Thanks, Good Reason:)

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