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cyanide.cupcake said,         
July 16 2011

actually, FGM is mentioned in the hadiths (sayings) of Mohammed and since they are considered part of the Sunnah (tradition), many Muslims follow it. granted, there are different types of FGM – but neither one is okay.
and yes, if it weren’t for Islam then all of these horrors would be pretty much unheard of today, in so many countries (not all of them Arab). even Christians gave up inquisitorial-style torture and killing methods long ago, as the Jews too gave up barbaric tribal laws.


Sarah said,         
July 27 2011

True, there are different types of FGM, some more horrific than others. Yes, it predates Islam. This doesn’t stop many of its practitioners from saying that Islam commands them to do it. Would it last long in free countries if not for being protected by religion? I’d like to see that!

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