Is Singapore Becoming More Open Minded About Dating?


It was under my impression that Singapore used to be a really conservative country when it came to dating. For instance, things like sugar babies or escorts were socially unacceptable just a short while ago. However, since the last few years, that seems to have drastically changed. In fact, even escort agencies and sugar baby websites have gone mainstream, and being featured on mainstream media in Singapore! While this is not a big deal in Western countries, it certainly is in Singapore! For instance, a media featured popular Singapore escort agency even has an article here teaching how customers can book escorts in Singapore. I found that pretty interesting, and so I decide to talk about the changes in dating in Singapore.

Perhaps it is due to the Internet being extremely prevalent throughout Singapore, and hence its citizens have access to more liberal dating lifestyles online when they use social media and are thus becoming open to such forms of dating? Or perhaps it was always prevalent in Singapore, but only appeared as if it was the case recently because such information is broadcasted online easily now? I believe it is a combination of both.

In the past, before the world of websites and Internet came about in Singapore , portfolios for escorts in Singapore and more could only be seen by male clients if you visited an escort agency’s physical office to look at their models or girls. However in this day and age in Singapore, a quick look online will yield tons of these escort websites, and their girls’ photos showing online. Something different from such escort sites in the West is that the face images are still partially censored for Singaporean escorts.

In the past, you needed to somehow look for your own sugar daddy or sugar baby, however, there are so many platforms out there online today like Seeking or Sugar Book which functions almost exactly like traditional online dating platforms and sites such as OkCupid and more. If you tried signing up though, most of the men do not provide their photographs, and some women do not show their faces or real pictures too. So that is probably still the element of conservatism left.

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