Why Some Singaporean Girls Be Escorts Or Sugar Babies

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I have noticed a trend among Singaporean girls, and them becoming escorts or sugar babies. But upon deeper look, I realized that they are not necessarily one because of the same reasons as people in Western countries do. I will explain myself.

Just for clarification, when I am referring to escorts in Singapore, I am referring to legit social escort sites such SGVIP Escorts Services, and not illegal or underground stuff like SGLala, SBF, TTVIP and more, since most of those underground sites are now blocked, this is a great read on TTVIP which explains about it. And, when I am talking about sugar dating, I am referring to those on legit sites such as Seeking Arrangement or The Sugar Book.

Common reasons girls from Singapore or foreigners become escorts or sugar babies

I will first touch on the common reasons.

For the money

Every girl does it for the money. Whether or not there are other applicable reasons for each individual woman working, money is definitely one of the reasons. This is pretty common sense, really, so let us move on to the next point.

It allows one to potentially make a full time or near full time income while working flexible hours

Many women who are social escorts or sugar babies are actually college or university students, or working a day job. They do this for supplemental income. Since their schedule may be busy or constantly changing, they may not necessarily be able to commit to any other kind of part time income – at least not any with the same kind of monetary benefits they can get working as this instead.

Unique reasons that only applies to Singaporean girls

Here are some of the reasons that local Singaporean ladies become an escort girl or a sugar baby, which rarely, if ever, applies to girls from Western countries.

Helping family members out of difficult financial situations

This is something that is shockingly common. In the Western world, children are left to fend for themselves after they have become adults, and parents do not ask their children to take care of them. This is far from it in Singapore in many households, albeit not all. Many children, both male and female, stay with their parents unless they are married. And parents even shockingly expect their children to be their retirement or financial back up plan – yes you read that right. Most average Singaporeans do not even plan for their retirement, or fail utterly at achieving anything close to being able to allow themselves to retire, ever. They simply hope and drag their children to take care of them.

As a result of this, some women in Singapore are unfortunate enough to be one of these families, and if they are unlucky, their parents may even have hefty medical bills, which nobody in their family can afford to pay. As a result, many of these women turn to escort or sugar baby work to pay off.

Some SG girls do it purely for fun and the thrill

Being an escort or a sugar baby is not much of a deal at all in the States, and many European countries too. Many of them are pretty open about it, and candid. Therefore, there is pretty much nothing thrilling about doing it in for example, in the USA. However, it is considered very taboo across Asia, particularly in Singapore.

As a result of that, some Singaporean girls actually seek excitement and thrill of doing something legal, but taboo, and make money while at it. That is a reason that some SG girls join the industry.

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